Friday, April 1, 2011

The Japanese agreed to supply Iran with nuclear fuel rods.

* The Japanese deputy foreign minister said Japan supports Iran's nuclear energy program.
* The Japanese agreed to supply Iran with nuclear fuel rods.

Missing Pieces to the Japanese Puzzle
By Rabbi Lazer Beams
King David warned (Psalm 7:16), that if a person digs a pit for someone else to fall into, he ends up falling in it. We saw this on Purim with Haman - he prepared a tree and a noose to hang Mordechai, and he himself ended up hanging on the same tree with the same noose around his neck.
Our good friend attorney Baruch Cohen brought some amazing information to my attention that he gleaned from Rucho Shel Mashiach blog, namely, that Japan has been supporting Iran's nuclear program. You connect the dots:
* The Japanese deputy foreign minister said Japan supports Iran's nuclear energy program.
* The Japanese agreed to supply Iran with nuclear fuel rods.
* The Government of Japan then turned around and "deplored" Jewish construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and added that they don't recognize our rights to our holy city and homeland.
The "measure for measure" that Hashem is doing to Japan is mindboggling. They don't want us to build homes on our land, they're losing homes on their land. They choose to help build nuclear reactors that are intended to destroy us, their own nuclear reactors shall destroy them. Hashem's justice is not something to play with. Let the haughty be forewarned - the Guardian of Israel shall not slumber.
Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Japan's Catch 22
By Rabbi Lazer Beams
King Solomon, the wisest of all men, says (Proverbs 21:30): "There is no wisdom, and no understanding, and no advice against Hashem." In other words, as the Malbim explains in his elaboration of Proverbs, even if you're intelligent and capable, and you've made your best efforts, you can do nothing to fight a Heavenly decree.
The Malbim's explanation is no cause for despair; his intention is that you can't fight a Heavenly decree with material means. But, there are many effective spiritual ways to completely rescind a harsh decree. Prayer, penitence, and expressions of gratitude are capable of mitigating the harshest of decrees.
The Japanese are an intelligent and dilligent people. Their problem is that they don't realize that not every problem can be solved by money or by Hi-tech. After days of reassuring the world that things are more or less under control, yesterday they finally sent up a white flag and declared maximum alert as highly toxic plutonium was the latest contaminant found seeping into the soil outside the Fukushima nuclear plant.
The TEPCO people figured that as soon as they restore power lines, then they'd be able to pump loads of water in to cool the reactors. But that plan has backfired; as workers pumped water into units to cool the reactors down, they discovered pools of contaminated water in numerous spots, including the basements of several buildings and in tunnels outside them. This contaminated water has been emitting radiation exposures more than four times the amount the government considers safe for workers, and that's already a way-higher-than-normal level.
The Japanese are now left with a deadly Catch 22: They must pump in water to keep the fuel rods cool, but since that water has been leaking out, they're now faced with a task of pumping out the highly contaminated water and safely storing it. So, they're in big trouble if they pump in more water and they're in big trouble if they don't. The more they cool down the nuclear fuel rods, the more they're left with nuclear-contaminated water. What can they possibly do?
It's a dead end, materially that is. On a spiritual side, there's much to be done. Hashem was about to destroy Nineveh, but they repented (see the Book of Yona). Nineveh is a precedent - Japan should learn from them. Better yet, if Japan as a nation would learn emuna, accept the Seven Noahide commandments, and turn to Hashem for Divine assistance, they'd see big miracles. Emuna Outreach would be happy to advise the Japanese Government, if they'd only listen.

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