Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why the King James Version (1611) is under copyright.

Why the King James Version (1611) is under copyright.

by David Cox

The kicker. The King James Bible, 1611, was a Bible translation that was commissioned by the Crown of England, and therefore it was at the time of publication under Crown copyright law. The Crown copyright law simply says that things produced by the Government of England, or commissioned under its auspices and financing remains the property of the King of England in perpetuity, in other words, the copyright is not limited to a set number of years like other countries, but is forever!!!”

The only possible conclusion then is that the KJV 1611 and all derivative versions from it are under copyright in England forever. That being the case, it is nice to live in another country. But wait, the DMCA obliges you under US law to observe the copyrights of other countries, making the KJV under copyright in the USA. Since US publishers do not pay the Crown of England any due rights for their use of their (England's) KJV Version, then all such copies are really contraband, and illegal piracy copies.”
Thank you US Congress, Hollywood, and greedy book publishing companies for throwing us into a situation where every KJV Bible we buy is pirate and illegal.”

Is your Bible against Israel/the Jews ?

Surely the Word of God can’t be Anti-Semitic! (or to use a more accurate terminology; Anti Jew and Anti-Israel)
No; but....   The writing of the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and must be read in a similar manner in order for God to communicate to us.   Man can get in the way of this process, if we allow a translator or expositor to colour what the original revelation said.  

The translation you are reading might have been influenced by the prejudices of those brought up in traditions of Replacement Theology and dislike of Jews. You might also be reading your Bible through cultural spectacles.   Our friend Amnon observes that, "Reading the scriptures in a translation (from Hebrew) is like kissing your bride through a handkerchief."   Strive to get as close to the original as you can. [1]

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[1] Is your Bible against Israel/the Jews ? http://natzrim.blogspot.com/2012/01/is-your-bible-against-israelthe-jews.html

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