Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ralph Messer & Churches To Return Torah Scrolls To Jewish Congregations & Organizations

Ralph Messer & Churches To Return Torah Scrolls To Jewish Congregations & Organizations

Shalom, this is Aviad Cohen with a proposal that Ralph Messer and the churches and specific kinds of congregations, organizations and individuals who Messer gave (or sold) Torah scrolls to which were desecrated and misused in unheard of ways or just been "gifted to them", be returned to Jewish (Orthodox or Conservative) Congregations and/or Jewish Organizations in the USA.

May the Messianic Jewish Community, Jewish Community & Christian Churches work together to make sure that all Torah scrolls in Ralph Messer's possession, his congregation and those whom he "gifted" Torah scrolls to, be returned immediately to those who will properly handle them - the Jewish community (even though the Messianic Jewish community also knows how to properly handle Torah scrolls).

As a Jew who is a follower of Yeshua Messiah and a Kohan (former Jewish rapper 50 Shekel) who is Israeli-born, raised in the Jewish community in NY & NJ, attending Jewish Day Schools, Private Schools, Yeshiva, having a Bar Mitzvah, etc - I have a deep conviction about this being resolved in a manner where "actions" speak louder than "apologies in the press", as the unthinkable and at times seemingly unforgivable has transpired.

To those congregations, churches, individuals, etc. who are in the possession of these Torah scrolls given to (or sold to them) by Ralph Messer, contact me, Aviad Cohen at to arrange for your Torah scrolls to be returned to a Jewish Congregation or Organization, whom I will help you to make arrangements to return the Torah scrolls to a local or out of state Jewish Congregation or Organization.

What the darkness meant for evil, HaShem (G-d) can turn into something good. This is an important action that needs to take place, for "quick apologies in the press" will not suffice nor justifications by Ralph Messer will either. The sacred Torah scrolls are to returned immediately.

Thank you for your time and attention to this delicate matter,

Aviad Cohen

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