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Na Nach Jews: religion, tradition and techno music

Na Nach Jews: religion, tradition and techno music

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Na Nachs" travel around Israel by truck with the aim of bringing joy and happiness to everyone they come cross... their method for spreading this joy is encouraging people to dance to "spiritual" techno music. And while they're at it, they also try to enlighten people about their particular brand of Judaism.

The founder of the movement, Rabbi Ber Odesser, claims that in 1922 he discovered a letter personally addressed to him by Rabbi Nachman de Bratslav, who had died in Ukraine 112 years earlier. The miraculous letter, which has become known as the "Letter from Heaven" (Petek), told him how to relieve the world of its suffering. The solution, the letter informed him, was the mantra "Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman".

In 1984, a group of observant Jews adopted this mystic phrase having met Rabbi Ben Odesser. The phrase calls for "consolation" and the expression of joy. Today, the Na Nachs constitute a sub-group of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav's disciples.

Zigzagging through Israel in their little truck, the Na Nachs reach out to the Israeli population in an attempt to communicate their religious fervour. They stop in central Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and dance to blasting electro and trance music whose lyrics repeat the famous Na Nach mantra.


"It's great to be Jewish, it makes us happy!"

Samchi is part of the Na Nach community. He writes for the website
Being Na Nach is being Jewish but in a completely new and exciting way. We follow the same religious rites as other Jews, except that for us, being Jewish is fun, it makes us happy. Our goal is to spread the spiritual teachings of Rabbi Ben Odesser and the "Letter from heaven" as widely as possible, to bring joy to the world. We travel around the country in our van, we play our music, we talk to people, and sometimes we sell one of our books. We also sell a number of Na-Nach labelled objects [kippas, magen Davids, stickers]. Our goal is obviously not to make money, but to spread our joyful message.
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We know that the Jewish religion can be a little dull and dry at times, so we try to give people a new reason to celebrate their spirituality. Most Na Nachs aren't born Na Nachs, but choose to join us at a particular moment in their life. People are usually happy to see us. Our little truck is known throughout the country, when people see and hear it coming they start dancing. Of course, some grouchy people complain, but most people like it when we stop by: it de-stresses them, cheers them up."

Na Nachs travelling the roads of Israel

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Flying high thanks to Na Nach teachings

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Rabbi Nahman's song

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All over Israel graffiti can be found with the phrase "Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman".
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  1. Why are you interested in Nanach? What does it have to do with the purpose of your blog?

  2. A personal relationship with Hashem is engendered.
    Great tzadikim (holy sages) preceding Rabbi Nachman's time spoke of the Song that will be revealed in the future, among them Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel (in his translation of Shir Hashirim – the Song of Songs, in the first verse) and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Master of the Zohar and Tikunay Zohar). These tzadikim explained that before the coming of the Messiah, there will be revealed a song that is Single, Doubled, Tripled, and Quadrupled, and that through this Song the true faith and belief in God will be restored in the world as God will renew the world in His wondrous ways. All of this will occur before the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah himself will sing this song and redeem the Jewish People and bring the Knowledge of God, peace, and compassion to the whole world.

    Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught (Likutay Moharan 64) that every Wisdom and Intellect has it's own specific tune and melody. It is from the melody that the wisdom is produced and extended (as can be discerned in Psalms (47) 'sing enlighten'). Even the the wisdom of heresy has it's own specific tune and melody unique to the wisdom of heresy.

    Note: "the fact that we carry one or several articles by an individual author or organization does not mean we necessarily agree with everything, or even anything else, that person or organization believes."

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