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'Hell' as an invention of the church

'Hell' as an invention of the church


"So where did the teaching of "Hellfire and damnation" come from?
As the Nicene Church was establishing its official doctrines and replacing biblical Judaism with Catholicism ("Universalism"), it is a well known and easily established fact that they incorporated the teachings of many different religious systems. These early "church fathers" were attempting to establish a new and global political and religious authority in order to control every aspect of human life. Whatever their motives, the Vatican created dogma of eternal torture as a powerful stick to wield against its opponents.

To this end the Catholic Bishops incorporated the Roman Pagan teaching of Hades: A subterranean place of eternal fiery torment and damnation. Never mind that the dogma has no biblical basis, the Magisterium of the Church declared it so. The threat of eternal damnation made their subjects docile and the collection plates rang with tithes, offerings and indulgences as deceived people sought to purchase their salvation.
The imagery of the Nicene Hell is largely taken from the underworld abode of the god Hades and his part time lover Persephone.

Present day Nicene Christians vary on why people go to Hell. Some teach that the "lost" are condemned to Hell because they fail to make the one decision necessary to achieve salvation: they refuse to accept the death, burial and resurrection of Y'shua as taught by the Church. Others teach that if ones good deeds do not outweigh the negatives one goes there. Calvinists believe people have no choice in the matter at all. They say that the God of love and justice created most human being as fodder for Hell and only a few will be allowed to enter "Heaven." Catholicism is more clear: people go to Hell because they fail to accept Catholic Communion and authority. All Nicene Christians are quick to point out that Hell is not something God "does to us," it is something we do to ourselves.

This is known as blaming the victim! There is nothing just nor loving about this doctrine nor about a god that who create billions of beings solely to torture them throughout eternity. This is NOT the God of the Bible!"

The Facts

  • There is no biblical basis for this teaching.
  • God can do anything and He could easily make another option for those who do not accept His gift of salvation.
  • No Believers from the Abrahamic traditions living in the first century C.E. conceived of such a post-life torture.
  • Many Pagans did believe in such horrors and they were viewed as savages because it.
  • Not a single person in the Gospel accounts ever challenge Jesus as to the origins of this non-Jewish teaching he allegedly taught.
  • The doctrine directly challenges the Torah claims that God is Loving and Just (compare Romans 2:24).
  • Many "Bible believing Christians" believe many unbiblical heresies. The near universality of the belief does not make it biblical
For more information see Rabbi Yochanan Levine's article; Hell, Gilgul Neshamot and Ibbur Neshamot:
What Happens When We Die?
See also: Olam Ha-Ba: The Afterlife
"The righteous of all nations have a share in the Olam Ha-Ba."

Judaism says man is a sinner because he sins.
Christianity says man sins because he is a sinner. 

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