Thursday, September 19, 2013

Leaving Jesus Challenges All Christians and Messianics

James Woods author of the book "Leaving Jesus" has a challenge for Christians or Messianics. Bible students studying for bible quiz compititions may want to give this one a shot. BibleQuizzing

By James Wood

Here is my challenge to Christians or Messianics…
It seems to me that this should be a very easy challenge to meet being that the entirety of Christianity is embodied in this principle so surely there must be many scriptural passages that support this.

If you have any reason to believe that Jesus was the messiah and that he was God then you would have to believe this because you believe the Tanach* told you.
According to the New Testament believing in the Messiah and his dying for your sins is the only thing that can reconcile you to YHVH and give you eternal life. Where in the Tanach is this idea presented to Israel in plain language so they would be able to know before the messiah came so that they could accept / receive / believe in him?
Remember, YHVH doesn’t desire for anyone to perish but the sinner to turn to him, so it must have been presented to them so even a little child could have been able to understand this. In other words, where is this plainly prophesied in the Tanach?
Remember also YHVH does not change and that he does not lie.
Remember the words of Jesus that unless you become like little children, you will never enter into the kingdom of God. So it must be very easy to discern and understand or a child would not be able to do it.
I posted this years ago and have never had anyone respond except to curse me and damn me to hell…
Can you respond to this challenge?  
* Christians call the Tanach the “Old Testament”

Leaving Jesus Challenges All Christians and Messianics | Leaving Jesus:

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