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‘Modesty police’ ban colorful bras, panties

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‘Modesty police’ ban colorful bras, panties

Ultra-Orthodox group sends letter to shop owners in Beitar Illit, demanding strict modest standards in sale, display of female undergarments

A group of female ultra-Orthodox “modesty policewomen” recently sent a letter to clothing shops in Beitar Illit, imploring them to maintain high standards of modesty when selling female undergarments and forbidding them from including colorful underwear or bras among their wares.
“As you know, our city has a special character,” the letter read. It went on to explain that as the West Bank ultra-Orthodox city has a “holy public” of “Torah scholars” and “important Hassidic communities,” shop owners must maintain strict standards of modesty in dress, how they display their wares and in who they allow into their stores,

Haredi All Female Modesty Squad Orders Clothing Stores To Follow Their Underwear Modesty Rules

Alleged victim 2A haredi all-female modesty squad sent letters to all clothing stores in Beitar Illit that warns store owners that they must adhere to the following rules modesty rules pertaining to – lingerie.

Beitar Illit Clothing Store Modesty Rules Female Modesty Squad 10-2013
A free translation of the rules sent by, D.O., the person who sent the letter to me:
The following rules are the bare minimum which one must adhere to:

1) All saleswomen must be dressed modestly (no uncovered parts, tight or short clothing etc.)

2) Items displayed without packaging must be stored in drawers or shut closets, where the doorknob twists like wings (not sliding doors). Items which are kept behind closed curtains, may only be of the traditional sort.

3) The intention of the previous sentence, is in reference to Item e' (ayin) and item t' (taf) - (female lingerie)

4) One must not sell these items in all types of colors and/or bold and brash styles. Therefore, there should not be items in stock (or drawers) in the color red, bright pink, orange etc. Or with words or pictures.

5) It is strictly forbidden under any circumstance for a saleswomen to suggest, advise or to guide women - and especially brides - to purchase such items which are not in traditional colors: white, beige or black.

6) It is strictly prohibited for men or children to enter the store

7) If immodest images appear on the packaging, they must be covered up with tape.

8) Advertisement must be modest in style and design.

9) From time to time, women will be sent to track and monitor that all these rules are kept strictly kept, and not in a perverse manner.

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