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Time of Jacob's Trouble

"Time of Jacob's Trouble"

We are living in the Almighty’s universe. The world in which we live is synchronized to His calendar and His time clock. Whether we recognize it or not makes no difference. The Creator does not spin the world based on what we do and do not understand.

The Creator’s reckoning of time is clearly detailed in the first scroll of the Hebrew Scriptures. Yet, the western Gentile Christian world has forsaken God’s calendar. Instead, it has adopted a pagan reckoning of time in which every day of the week and month of the year is named after a pagan god or fallen angel. Days, weeks, months, and years all begin at completely fictitious points in time. Those raised within the western paradigm have no idea what time it is. It is as if the hands have been broken from the face of the clock.

The Creator set the sun, moon, planets, and stars in their courses as an elaborate time-keeping device that has not varied since creation. By it we understand His appointed times and seasons, which enables us to live in harmony with Him and His creation.

"Time of Jacob's Trouble"

Subject: Orthodox and Hassidic Rabbonim Declare "Time of Jacob's Trouble"

Well, you exchatology buffs will LOVE this one.

At the Western Wall today and in yeshivas and synagogues and religious
schools throughout Israel the sound of shofar blasts, the singing of Hebrew
Psalms and cries and tears and wails of repentance were heard in response to
a declaration by the Gedolei Yisrael (Great Ones of Israel) formally
recognizing the beginning of the "time of Jacob's trouble."

Thursday, March 22, 2001 (the 27th of Adar, 5761), was earlier designated
the time to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Nisan, (the first day of Nisan), since
the first day of Nisan actually falls on Sunday. Ordinarily Rosh Chodesh
Nisan is designated a Yom Kippur Katan (a small Yom Kippur).

So over the past 24 hours the Jewish community here in Israel and throughout
the world has united in prayer. What is unusual about this year's Yom
Kippur Katan is that in light of the 6-month-old Palestinian uprising which
has claimed the lives of 57 Israelis, including more than 20 through the
direct involvment and participation of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian
Authority, the rabbis have added the designation as "a time of Jacob's

Further it is signed by ALL 27 of the leading Orthodox and Chassidic sages,
both the "maranan verabonon" (masters and teachers) and the "gedolei
ha-Torah vehaChassidus (Torah sages among the Chassidut)."

The declaration begins and is formally designated:

The declaration continues in full:
"Israel, the holy nation, is experiencing a time of suffering. Wicked people
are launching attacks against our people, and are intent on causing trouble
for the Jews in the Holy Land."

"May Hashem safeguard the Jewish nation in Eretz Hakodesh (the holy land)
from the wicked machinations of our enemies. May He protect us from the
oppressive calamities which crush body and soul. May He grant succor to
those who suffer from severe and bitter illnesses. May he save us from the
terrible plague in the form of traffic accidents. May He ease the pain of
the hearts which grieve over the spiritual degeneration in our times, and
over the decline in the belief in our sacred Torah.

"Our only power is in exercising of the age-old tool of our fathers, which
is to cry out and to cause an uproar, as the Rambam says at the beginning of
Hilchos Taanis: "It is a positive command of the Torah to cry out and to
soud the shofar over every calamity which strikes the community, as it is
written, "At hatsar hastsoreir eschem veharei'osem bechatzotzeros (against
the adversary that oppresses you, you should blow an alarm with the
trumpets -- Numbers 10:9) - the word tsar alluding to everything which
oppresses (metsar) you.

"Therefore we entreat Jews everywhere -- men, womem and children -- to
assemble at worldwide prayer rallies and to plead with the A-mighty, Who is
most compassionate and kind, for deliverance. On Thursday, 27 Adar, ever
rosh chodesh Nisan, in the shmittah year, we will gather with one heart, to
issue pleas and fervent cries to the Master of all, and to recite the
prayers of Yom Kippur Katan, selichos and Tehillim.

"Hashem will not reject the prayers of the many, and will accept our prayers
and hearken to our outcries with compassion and grace. He will issue a
spirit of purity from Above, in order to return us to Ovinu shebaShomayim.
Fathers will return to their sons and sons to their fathers. Hashem will
heed us, and we will not be lost. We will merit the coming of Moshiach
tzidkeinu speedily, out of great mercy and kindness."

While precious minutes of 27 Adar remain, I encourage every JOE on this list
who wishes to unite his heart in prayer with Judah to MINIMALLY pray the
MINCHAH prayers (on my website ) or the
prayers for the State of Israel and if you
have a shofar to sound it before sunset tonight. (The alarm of Yom Kippur is
"one continuous blast" but I heard a variety of blasts today.)

The special prayers for 27 Adar actually began last night in a celebration
of Thanksgiving to Hashem for what was being termed througout Jerusalem
today as a "very great NES (miracle)." A car packed full of explosives was
parked in the heart of Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood on Rehov Mea
Shearim in Kikar Shabbat (Shabbat Square). An off-duty parking warden
noticed the car parked illegally in a taxi-only zone, looked inside and
thought he saw suspicious wires coming out of a cellphone. He recruited
local passersby to clear pedestrians and bloc traffic until police arrived
and confirmed it was a car-bomb.

Helicopters flew overhead as a mass evacuation took place of the
neighborhood surrounding the car and Israeli bomb squads (Sappers) to
partially disarm the device and to conduct two controlled detonations. Buses
and cars were backed up for miles in all directions but the inconvenience of
walking two miles and more from Mea Shearim to the nearest bus stop that was
still accessible was mitigated by the spontaneous praises and thanksgivings
... and added to the crowds on hand in the shuls for Yom Kippur Katan.

The air in and around Jerusalem today was noticeably lighter and spirits
were noticeably uplifted as this REVIVAL INITIATED BY THE MODERN TORAH SAGES
got underway.

Shalom Shalom & Hashem's love & blessings,
ben Yosef”


Israel’s ‘Green Passport’ Vaccination Program Has Created A ‘Medical Apartheid’

Israel has rapidly deteriorated into a segregated culture that discriminates against people who have not received experimental COVID-19 vaccinations, say Israeli citizens who are reaching out for help on media platforms.

“It’s very intense over here in Israel. I don’t know how much you see,” said Ilana Rachel Daniel in a video posted March 3rd on Bit Chute.

“It’s terrible. It’s a very, very, very frightening situation.”

“They’re making this green passport where half the population cannot get into theaters or malls or all sorts of things unless you have taken the vaccination. They are creating a medical Apartheid,” Daniel said.

In Israel, Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination Means ‘Your Life Is Basically Over’

Part of a program dubbed Operation Back to Life, the “Green Pass” system restricts entry to registered gyms, theaters, hotels, restaurants, universities and secondary schools to holders of scannable vaccine passport only.

“This is the first step back to an almost normal life,” Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said at a briefing about the program which began rolling out last week.

The Israeli government announced a number of new rules on March 6 in a statement released jointly by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transportation. The government paper will be in effect until the next government review on March 20.

Students in Grades 7 to 10 were to be allowed to return to classes this week in jurisdictions where 70% of the population over age 50 had been vaccinated.

Universities and other educational institutions were to open for in-person classes as of Sunday to green pass holders only. Those who have not been vaccinated will be permitted to attend online classes only.

Restaurants are to allow vaccinated green pass holders the right to eat indoors, while non-vaccinated people are allowed to eat outside only.

Violators of the government order are to be fined 5000 New Israeli Shekels (NIS) which is about $1,500 USD.

Israeli students have been required to have COVID vaccine injections to allow them to sit their end of high school matriculation exams, according to a BBC report in January.

Matriculation exam results can affect whether or not they go to university and their placement in the compulsory military service.

The passport is delivered by a government-run website which issues a green certificate featuring a high-security scannable QR code by text, email or regular mail delivery, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post.

People in Israel are expected to present their green passport for scanning along with personal identification before entering registered businesses.

Read More @

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals how the new COVID-19 vaccines work and what you're not being told.


"AstraZeneca and Moderna's covid vaccines are categorically forbidden by Judaic Law.

Taking it would constitute illicit benefit derived from a) a human corpse, b) a questionably unjustly terminated fetus, and c) its use condones the ongoing R&D of contemporary human cell lines which entail live dissection infanticide, i.e. wholesale slaughter of innocent human life. 

There are other reasons why these covid vaccines (including Pfizer's) are halachically prohibited,  but this is just for starters." ~ Rabbi Michoel Green

The Battle of Gog and Magog

By Naftali Silberberg

The prophet Ezekiel (chapters 38-39) describes a climactic battle that will be instigated by Gog and/or Magog, and will be waged against Israel and G‑d. The defeat of Gog and Magog will precipitate the Messianic Redemption. It is difficult to dwell on this topic because it is so shrouded in mystery. We are uncertain as to the identity of Gog and Magog, whether Gog and Magog are the names of nations or individuals, whether this battle will be a physical or spiritual battle, and even whether it has already occurred or not.

Some say that Elijah will arrive before the war of Gog and Magog, while others say that he will arrive three days prior to the revelation of Moshiach.

According to tradition, the central personality in this war is Moshiach ben Yosef—Moshiach of the tribe of Joseph. Jewish tradition speaks of two redeemers, each one called Moshiach. Both are involved in ushering in the Messianic Era. They are Moshiach ben David and Moshiach ben Yosef. (The unqualified term "Moshiach," however, belongs exclusively to Moshiach ben David, the ultimate redeemer.)

Moshiach ben Yosef will be killed in the war against Gog and Magog. Again, it is unclear whether the death will be in physical battle, or as a result of the spiritual battles which he will wage against the forces of evil. Either way, the prophet Zechariah (12:10) describes the national mourning that will follow his death.

Apparently, though, the death of Moshiach ben Yosef is not inevitable. The master-kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria, known as the Arizal, said that when saying in the Amidah the words, "speedily establish the throne of Your servant David," one should beseech G‑d that Moshiach ben Yosef should not die in the course of his struggles.

According to certain sources, Moshiach ben Yosef will serve as Moshiach ben David's viceroy. Thus finally bringing to an end the schism between the northern Ten Tribes, which were ruled by Joseph's descendants, and the Kingdom of Judea, which was ruled by the Davidic dynasty.



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